No research post tonight, though Resnick and Wolff have some interesting things to say about the way neoclassical economists construct “human nature” (not so much scare quotes there as an indication that I do not wish to own such a term: quotation marks indicating in another way, then, that the language used doesn’t belong to the person using it) and the construction of consumption as a zero-sum game. And I’m once again impressed with Curtiss’s response, to which I’m dying to respond myself and say some stuff about Bourdieu and distinction as class marker.

But it’ll have to wait until tomorrow, ’cause I’m currently pulling my hair out over a CSS layout for our Writing Program Web site that, for the past couple weeks of my intermittent work on it, has Absolutely Refused to Cooperate. So I’m fixin to take this layout and my belt out behind the barn and see if we can’t come to an understanding.

More tomorrow.


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