Month: October 2004

Doing the First Essay

Students, today, turned in digital versions of the final drafts of their first essay. I’ve been doing some writing along with them, typing along in the exercises I assign when I’m not writing the next steps up on the board. There’s a reason for doing so: I’ve never done the first essay quite like I’m doing it this semester, so I want to try and see if it works, if I can string all the pieces together in the way that I’m asking the students to do. I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far, but I’m also realizing that — if I’m going to blog with my students — I better write with them, too. So tonight’s project is a new draft of the personal essay I assigned them to write.

If I post a draft, might there be anyone willing to write me a peer response in the next couple days? I think students might enjoy seeing their teacher assigned some revisionary writing.