My Imaginary Colleague

My Imaginary Colleague observes, rather tartly, that I haven’t had anything at all to say about the dissertation lately. She then adds that it might be a good idea get those two things sent out to journals for consideration before October comes, and wonders how my syllabus is coming along.

Always nice to know I can rely on the Imaginary Colleague for moral support. I haven’t had much to say about the diss because I’m working on revising Chapters 1 and 2 with my advisor’s comment, and there’s really not much to blog about when one’s revising, but also because I felt like I needed a few days’ break after that extended struggle that became Chapter 3.

My Imaginary Colleague, on the other hand, seems to have more time than she knows what to do with. I’m thinking I might nominate her for the Faculty Senate.

My Imaginary Colleague

One thought on “My Imaginary Colleague

  • September 3, 2005 at 6:50 pm

    Personally, I like hearing about your brother’s toad and your opinions on other matters. Although I know and respect the fact that the purpose here is to work on your dissertation! 😉

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