Raising a Glass

Rumor has it that congratulations are in order: apparently, there were some nuptials in Atlanta today. Here’s to Clancy and Jonathan: congratulations!

Raising a Glass

One thought on “Raising a Glass

  • June 22, 2006 at 8:09 am

    I should have thanked you for this post days ago! Thanks. Also, I wanted to call your attention to an interesting observation in this article:

    “Even more than Bill Gates or Bono, [Angelina Jolie] signals a shift in mores among the hyper-rich. After 25 years of ever-escalating exorbitance, the pendulum has swung toward conspicuous nonconsumption. Extravagance is measured not by how much is spent, but how much is given away.”

    Thought you might have something interesting to say about that (or something interesting to say about how it would be if it really were that way, which of course it’s not.

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