Underway, Well

Our school year here is already underway and at speed, with tomorrow being lesson 4 of a 40-lesson semester. I’m happy with what I’m teaching, and happy to have had a bit of a hand in shaping the curriculum related to some of the courses I teach. The students are wonderful, as they always are, and I think I’m going to try keeping a teaching journal again, as I’ve done sometimes in the past.

One nice thing about my institution is that we’ve been lately getting some recognition for the teaching we do: according to the U.S. News and World Report, we’re ranked #14 nationally for top liberal arts colleges, and #1 for top public liberal arts colleges. In a similar vein, Forbes magazine ranks us at #6 for top 10 colleges overall, and #1 for top public colleges. I’ll admit to having some questions about methodologies for those rankings, but I don’t mind at all that people think we’re doing good work here.

Next step: working towards some recognition of what we’re starting to do with the writing program here. (What’s that? Oh, why yes — we do have a plan.)

Underway, Well

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  • August 30, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    Are you teaching at Vassar College? i just checked the U.S. news ranking. Do you know how lucky i am to visit your blog?I work in a company that serves domestic students to enter American universities & colleges. We also have SAT training. it’s not easy to be admitted to American universities. However, i think America’s education keeps advanced level in the world. One of my coworkers’ daughter was admitted to University of Virginia as freshman this year. By the way, in America, is there a institute helps highschool students apply universities ?

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