Month: November 2011

The Writing- and Computer-Intensive Pilot Course

This semester I’ve co-developed and run a course pilot of eight sections, two instructors and roughly one hundred and thirty students total, through the use of at least eight different information systems: Blackboard, because it’s institutionally mandated and a place to store course documents and post announcements; Wikispaces, which we’ve used mostly to post editable sign-up sheets for conferences (though I think there’s more potential there);, an online productivity and document-sharing suite that we fell back on because our institution blocks the Google docs productivity and document-sharing suite;, to serve as a space for daily writing; four separate WordPress installs at, to serve as a discussion space; and the ELI peer review post-beta, to implement early-stage peer review; and of course email, Web browsing and Microsoft Word.

It’s gone mostly well, though I’ll admit the successes have been varied.

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